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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Highlands Hammock State Park

We visited Highlands Hammock State Park April 11 - 13, 2008. The following are our photos and some highlights of our visit.

Map of park.

Our Campsite #122. They did a controlled burn a couple of days before we arrived. Notice the fire damage in the back.

Typical campground road. The roads through the park are paved. The campground roads are dirt.

One of the main road into the campsite.

Cypress Swamp Trail is one of the nicest trails in the park. It has a long boardwalk section that goes over swamps and creeks. Click on picture to better read the sign.

Entrance to the trail. The beautiful lady in these pictures is my lovely wife. Lucky me...... :)

The boardwalk is handicap accessible until this point. Then it becomes only 4 boards wide.

If your not careful you could fall in!!! This is me, I know..... How did he get such a awesome wife? I am trying to figure that one out tooo.....

The boardwalk traverses swamps and creeks...
What might be right under your feet???

Alligator!!!!!!!! Just waiting for the visitor to fall in...

Here is a close up view of these prehistoric creatures... Common in almost all Florida waterways... Please Do Not feed them!!!

Midpoint of the boardwalk has a nice place to sit and watch nature

The trail leads to a fern covered trail.

Another view of the boardwalk through the ferns.

Toppled over tree along the walk. It probably fell during one of the 3 hurricanes that passed over this area in 2004.

The park features a CCC museum.
CCC = Civilian Conservation Corps
(1933 – 42) U.S. unemployment program. One of the earliest New Deal programs, it was established to relieve unemployment during the Great Depression by providing national conservation work primarily for young unmarried men. Recruits lived in semi-military work camps and received $30 a month as well as food and medical care. Projects included planting trees, building flood barriers, fighting forest fires, and maintaining forest roads and trails. It employed a total of 3 million men during its existence.

Old grader in front of the museum.

One of the many displays inside. The museum is free, however please make a donation. It is worth. We spent about an hour looking at all of the displays.
Well enough for today...
I have added more information and photos. Click on Highlands Hammock Part 2 on the right side under the Heading "Camps that I have Visited".

Have a great time camping......

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