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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Different Use for Ladder Rack Bike Rack.

Here is a neat way to haul my folding grill on the back of my camper. I was thinking about getting a rack that hooks to my receiver. But, i wanted to carry 4 bikes using a hitch rack.

I then debated on installing a front receiver. But I determined that I want to use the front mount for a scooter that I want to purchase. A scooter is all I need when I am camping to run to the store if I forgot (really my Wife, but we won't tell her) some items.

I remembered that I had an old ladder bike rack in my shed from the old 5th wheel, 6 bike camping trips, make the kids share 4 bikes now :) and thought, would this hold my grill?

Enough already... Lets see the pictures.... (click on photo to enlarge)

The grill is from Home Depot ($49.00) I placed the rack high enough on the ladder rack so my bikes can be on the bike rack without hitting the grill.

Here is a closer side view. Can you see that the lip of the grill fits perfectly into the V mounts that the bike would sit on?

I used a ratcheting strap placed through the grill handles around the ladder and back to the front to secure the grill. I know that I could cut the extra length of the strap! But, I like having options if I require a longer strap somewhere during my trips.

Another closer view from the other angle. I also use a bungee cord to hold the grill shut when removing the grill. The flimsy clip on the grill cover allows the grill to pop open when it wants... Had to many charcoal dusk showers... Learned my lessen. :).
I will be posting pictures from Highlands Hammock State Park and Hillsborough River State Park in the next couple of days.
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