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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Paynes Prairie State Preserve

We visited Paynes Prairie State Preserve on December 27 & 28, 2013
It is located between Ocala and Gainesville Florida
Main Entrance to Park
Here is a map of the park
 The following are some pictures from the main road in the park.
Very nice and peaceful for walking
or bike rides. 
Additionally, there are numerous of trails available for hikes, mountain biking and horse riding.
Be on the look out for wildlife
This white tail deer was standing right on the edge of the road.
The Rangers told us that there are wild bisons and horses located on the north side of the park.
There is a very nice visitors center located at the end of the park road.
Inside the center are a number of displays and helpful Rangers.
It is a short walk from the parking lot to the Center via a concrete path.
Right before the start of the metal railing, look for a small blue 4x4 post on the left side of the path.
When you find it, turn your back to the post and look up at the top of the pine trees to see a Bald Eagles nest.
While we were looking at the nest, two eagles flew in with food for their chicks.
I did not have my camera handy, oh well..  :(
From the Visitors center, there is a path leading to a fifty foot high observation tower.
Views from the top
There are numerous information plaques throughout the park
(click to read)
Also, they having a
"Dial and Discover" system that allows you to hear about different items utilizing your cellphone.
The park is located on Lake Wauberg
Including a small boat ramp and
view of lake from boardwalk
We did see people fishing from the boardwalk.
There are a couple of picnic areas located by the lake too.
and a decent playground.
There is a nice path from the playground to the campground.
Okay, I know that you visited this site was to see information about the campground!!
Great name for a camping area, Puc Puggy Campground, do you agree?
Map of Campground
The campground has two bathhouse that were clean and in good condition.
(Warning: they are not heated)
Most of the sites were very private and lots of trees.
The sites appear to be very easy access for backing into them.
They have fire rings with a grill.  Note: our site did not have a normal grill and I did not see any on other sites.
Additionally, there are numerous tent sites located all in one area.
Campground road.

Our site, Site #42

The following are some other sites in the park.
Pretty much all of the sites were about the same.
Site #18
Site #43
Site #47
We really enjoyed our stay in Paynes Praire State Preserve.

One last picture of a unknown plant/tree
I hope you enjoyed my write-up.
Please keep checking back as I add more parks.
Have fun camping and enjoying nature....
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